Moose River Plains

A short ride in the Moose River Plains in the ADKs, from the Limekiln Lake entrance. Front shifter either broke or froze, so no way to get into the little ring for the steep stuff, which made climbing in the snow a challenge. Camelback hose froze, then the bladder proceeded to leak down my back (unrelated, but time to get some insulated bottle covers). Legs and lungs felt off – too much driving around the northeast for work this week… too little riding.

Quite a few snowmos out. A group stopped to chat at my turnaround spot and snapped a picture of me. I’m not sure if I like road riding with drivers doing 35-55 or trail riding with snowmos out, even with the posted limit of 25.

I was hoping to ride into Mitchell Ponds, but without low gears and a snowed over trail I decided to head back to the trailhead early, and ride the Limekiln Lake campground access road. No snowmos around and some good views from the boat launch out across the lake. All in a good short trip to explore a new place that has been on my radar. Lots to learn about winter travel by bike.

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  1. Mike, Sounds like a descent time out. you may have had water in your cable housing. That would stop the shifting dead. Take your bike inside to warm up and I bet it will work flawless after that. just a guess (it happened to me). I’m eyeballing your seat pack, beware!


  2. Looks like some interesting trails, I see possible s480 or s720 camping in the future!

    I wonder if heat shrink wrapping the ends of the cable housings would work?

  3. I have a great 2 or 3 day trip in mind to Lake Lila.

    I think the wind driven salt, brine, slop from the highway driving did the drivetrain in. Cable froze and or the shifter. When I pulled it apart in the stand and got the cable out some small plastic pieces ejected… the triggers are not the best choice – but I know Surly has to hit a price point. The Shimano triggers have a grease in them that doesn’t like the cold – so I get to press the lever 4,5,6 times in order to get it them to shift when it is 15 or below.

    I replaced the front with a cheap Falcon friction shifter. It worked in the basement – but not when it got down to zero – the mechanical had frozen up, so I cleaned and lubed and hopefully we will see success today. I won’t be winter car topping a geared bike for 600+ miles again unless there is compelling reason. Next time the single speed will go, and I’ll forgo any backcountry riding.

    I think the solution is to strip everything on the bike, clean it all, and lube with winter appropriate product. Then ditch the triggers and get some Thumbies and bar ends…

  4. Falcons work, but after I diagnosed the shifter the frozen glop around the FD wasn’t letting it return to the low position in the cold cold cold.

    I have a front and rear Falcon or SunRace for you.
    You should be able to run 8spd friction with them no problem.
    I probably have a ‘Mary’ bar or flat bar for you too…

    Just picked up the Thumbies and the Barends. $$$ I didn’t want to spend, but the stock Shimano triggers do not work in the cold. I have to click click click when it gets below 15 or so… sucks to lose power even for a split second in deep snow. Pugs rewards you for being persistent and steady.

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