Snow Going

Lots of fresh snow last night – 9-10″. Slow going, but I had to see how / where I could ride. It was almost easier to ride where no one had walked or skied…

The marks to the left and right of my track are from my pedals.

Probably put in 6 miles tops. 1/2 on the lakefront path and in the woods, then I bailed to local streets to get home and do my core / back strengthening routine of shoveling out. I started off with 8 psi in the tires and was down to maybe 4 by the time I took to the street. I should have added air – it was pretty slow going on the pavement.

8 Replies to “Snow Going”

  1. Maybe you could carry a mini-compressor for quick inflations! 😉

    What sort of pump do you use for those tires? CO2?

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