Got out for the first quality bike time in about 5 weeks. Met up with Wil @ City Market and we took a road / bike path / dirt road cruise to Shelburne Pond. I opted for the Pugs as conditions when I left were sketch, and I didn’t feel like the fixed gear with studs or trying 28s on the IF in the slop.

I bonked hard on our return leg. Pushing the Pugs on the road was easier than expected – but I also kept to the shoulder and stayed in the marginal snow / slop so Wil could have the good lines. At one point while I was struggling along he wondered why we were moving so slowly… until he pulled in behind me to enjoy the oatmeal / wet cement snow. Eventually I needed to even the playing field so I opted to get off the main road and take the bike path back to town. It was a pleasure on the Pugs. It was work on skinny tires. I cruised along (relatively) easily while Wil worked on his cross skills and cursed me a few times.


Been a long time since I had any quality time on a bike. Got out this morning on the frozen trails. Post holed and hiked over trails have gone through freeze thaw cycles and are pretty miserable to ride. I picked my way down the bike path and into the woods and eventually bailed out to the road. Not in the mood to get slammed around on the ice. There were short sections where I was able to ride comfortably on the frozen crust – but eventually I would break through or dive into a hidden pocket of footprints. Hopefully we’ll see improving conditions – on the trail and in the weather. It was 3dF this morning when I set out.

Recent Snaps

Been a whirlwind. The little one had a birthday. Lots of travel for work – Western NY, ME, NH, MA, CT, Washington DC. Then a botched attempt to get to a wedding in San Diego that ended (due to airline issues) with us staying in Manhattan for the night and driving back to Burlington.

Pugsley Play Date

Got out in the recent wet snowfall with a friend who picked up the last Pugsley in town. Too deep on the trails – but we had fun trying – and riding the somewhat plowed roads.

It was tough going in the deeps. Good fun trying.

I’ve ditched the stock trigger shifters for Paul thumbies with bar ends. Much better in the cold.

About Town

Winter festival today in town… we explored Church St. after lunch with friends. Ice sculptures, snow sculptures, good times jumping in snow piles.


Lots of fluffy snow on the ground. Ava had her first day of preschool on Tuesday and her first snow day today!