Easy recovery spin on the first day of Spring. Quiet this morning in the woods – snow melting, some crust to ride, some mashed potatoes, some frozen post holed rattled your teeth out sections of bike path.

Currently we are under a winter weather advisory, with fluffy snow falling outside the home office window. 3-5 inches by tonight. Sigh. While I love the snow, winter fatigue has fully set in, and I’m looking forward to exploring some single track this year, as well as upping my fitness as I take on both organizing and riding our local brevet series this year.

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  1. Hey there, I just wanted to drop you a line & ask you about the M6 coupler nut you used with your Edelux light. What length M6 bolt did you use to secure it? Email me when you get a chance, ericwolforth@gmail.com


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