Curious Beast

Not sure what to make of this beast. It looks well ridden and well loved, and that is the most important thing.

Trek 660 with a carbon fork. 1×9(?) drivetrain. Mountain bike shifter pod. Looks like old brake levers with the cable run under the bar tape.

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  1. This is my comfy steel winter trainer. The 9 speed mtb system needs no care. The range is wide enough on the back to by-pass the front mech all together. The bars are chopped off Scott Extreem bars from Greg LeMond’s 1990 Tour victory. Just about every part is a scrap from deceased bikes except the shifter & derailure & peadles. The frame was my first racing frame from 1989, yes LOVED. It was built with beautiful Campy Chous Syncro II components, only pieces to survive are the break levers positioned just as Greg did. Thanks for this!! Always fun to talk about your bike. Paul

  2. Paul –

    Thanks for commenting back!

    Its a cool looking bike, and I suspected it had a purposeful build.

    I didn’t recognize those bars as LeMond’s – I had a wall of pics of him when I was in HS – definitely a hero of mine from back when I followed the very limited coverage of the tour. I still think I have a copy of Sports Illustrated with him on the cover. Somewhere I have a pair of the Scott aerobars he used. They mounted up onto my Raleigh sport touring bike, with matching day glo bar tape to match. Granted, I’ve never raced… 😉

  3. The cover I remember was him in a tux with his carbon LeMond (made by TVT) over his shoulder. It’s probably still upstairs in a box under a heavy pile of news print velo news’s. Wow how time has flown.

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