Soma Love

First ride on the Soma since just after the Pugsley arrived. Swapped bars, dropped the stem, pulled a used saddle from the OSH. Running fixed 32×17 at the moment. Nokians are still on – which helped in the woods this morning. I need to shorten the cables – I swapped from the Jones Titec back to the Soma Odin bar. Great morning to spin easy – the VT 200k is this Saturday, so I’ve been lazy all week.

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  1. i’m a complete hack when it comes to ‘normal’ trail riding – so i bash on things quite a bit fixed or free! fixed in the woods is interesting though – i like it even though i’m not good at it. it’s really cool to have more control over the rear wheel both climbing and descending – but clearing things can be challenging – timing the feet to clear things is even more rewarding than simply ‘coasting over’. i’ve also found i ride alot slower on difficult sections, being careful to pick a good line.

    i’ll likely flip it to ss when the studs come off – that is how i ran it most of last year.

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