The little one took a full on downhill wreck on the bike path this weekend. Part lack of experience going fast, part helpful stranger trying to catch her. She freaked out turning hard to evade the guy who stepped into her path trying to slow her down and ended up with a skinned knee and some scratches on her hands. Lots of crying, but resumed the running and playing with a friend withing 15 minutes.

I almost cried when I picked her bike up – I remember the first time my bike broke when I was a kid – I was devastated. I’m thinking about making a new bar out of a piece of maple… I can unbolt the existing bar and trace it. I’ll just have to get creative with the bar ends.

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  1. Just like daddy…
    (I just wish my headbadge was a sponsorship though…)

    She was riding in the snow piles last week, then through puddles, and was fearless taking off down the hill @ Oakledge Park. I think she’d have been fine if that concerned dad didn’t try to catch here – she would have rolled out on the grass and stopped… maybe tumbled on the grass – but that is softer than the pave. I watched it all while running after her – she was chasing an older boy on a scooter bike – just turned around and went after him.

    Later in the day she asked when her bike would be fixed ‘So I can ride again but not go so fast!’.

  2. let’s hook up. I have the means to build some mean bars for her. Maybe we and make them a tad longer to help with steering.

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