Pugsley in the Woods

Been enjoying some mellow time letting my lungs recovered from some lingering affects of asthma. A new round of meds wiped me out for the better part of a week. Feeling human again I’ve been riding early morning laps in the local woods -the high trails are dry and nearly 90% ready for summer riding, with only a short stretch that I’ve been walking. The lower trails are another story – the standing water has disappeared over the last few days, but things are still wet and mucky, and some folks have been riding and widening a few sections of trail which is only serving to prolong the drying out (and damaging the single track hidden within the deep mud!).

I’ve been staying out of the wet sections, but the pugs floats over soft soil. Comparing my track to those that have come before on skinny tires is enlightening. The fat tires at low pressure seem to groom and heal up deep ruts that are left by ‘normal’ sized tires.

I do miss the Soma though. Nothing like a singlespeed for a quiet time in the woods. I was surprised at how loud the chain can be when bouncing along through the woods… and of course the Soma was a good 10 pounds lighter than the pugs.

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  1. Looks like a blast … I haven’t been out on the trails yet this year. So much rain! And my mountain bike needs a chain. And I cannibalized its saddle for the singlespeed. It’s a sad state of affairs, really.

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