Something new…

3 or more years in the making…

Quiver is now full. IF, Fargo, Pugsley.
(although I do miss a SS/FG bike…)

7 Responses to “Something new…”

  1. Apertome says:

    Man. What a stable! Seems like a perfect bike for you — you’ll have lots of great adventures on that bike.

  2. N+1 says:

    All Mountain Unicycle?

  3. mb says:

    That would certainly get me my fixed gear fix back…

  4. Jon says:

    SS or FG-ify the Pugs! Seems singlespeed friendly:

  5. mb says:

    Oh yeah, that thought has crossed my mind, no doubt.
    Just need a ss freewheel.
    I’d have to build up a new wheel to do FG up right.

  6. Your sweetie says:

    How is it even possible that on the morning after getting a new bike (two within the past year) that you can be dreaming about another bike?!?! Your wife must be a very tolerant woman ;D Perhaps you better start designing a bigger garage to house all of them….SMOOCH

  7. mb says:

    hmmm. my sweetie reads my blog! i’m doomed.
    well, i’m really dreaming about new shoes so i don’t have hot spots, and a custom revelate frame bag. and i have to figure out how to get a tandem in the quiver so i can take my ladies for rides… and… and…