Tour Divide

The 2011 Tour Divide kicks off today with the Grand Depart. A few solo riders are already on route heading south from Banff. This year will see 71 riders start southbound and 15 riders start northbound, plus a handful of riders taking on the ITT (individual time trial) challenge at various points throughout the summer. Live Tracking via SPOT, race call-ins, and more on the Tour Divide website and and arm chair commentary on

Here’s to a solid few years of re-making my body and fitness, when I hope to be out there… and good luck to 2011 riders!

5 Replies to “Tour Divide”

  1. Yeah, Mike! Soon enough we will be on that line and rolling out for what may be one of the greatest experiences of our lives.

  2. Now, that’s a great plan. Have you read Eat, Sleep, Ride by Paul Howard yet? It was pretty enjoyable. I look forward to toggling between TD and RAAM over the next two weeks. Thank god for the internets.

  3. Hey mike,
    My name is Kirsten and i am a Tour Divide fan, and the manager of a guest ranch along the route…Brush Mountain, in Slater CO.

    I was wondering if you would mind if i made stickers of your Avatar? Only with the date changed for this year’s racers/fans?

    It is such an awesome/simple and cool design!

    Let me know what you think?

    p.s. –looking forward to seeing you up here in a couple of years! (:

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