Go away for a few days to have a baby, and the garden goes mad. We’re into our 8th or 9th zucchini, cucumbers are coming in every 3-4 days, beans get cleaned out weekly, peppers looking good, tomatoes will be ready early next week, corn is moving slowly but surely, baby eggplants have appeared, snap peas have blossomed, and the chard continues to climb skyward.

4 Replies to “Growing^?”

  1. Don’t forget growing a successful VT rando series! What a year! Congratulations and all the best. I thought having my first child was the best thing I ever did until I had my second. Hearing my 15-year old daughter tell her 12-year old brother that she loved him from the backseat of my car on my cell phone yesterday was priceless.

  2. thanks all.

    garden is growing along nicely. we had to perform surgery on our zuchinni – vine borers took about half our plants.

    the brevet series is more work than i thought. lots of logistics, and i worry about folks i send out on a route. with the flooding this year our 300k, which had already been run a few times, turned into a scramble to get it all back on track and re-routed.

    anthony did a great job with the 600k. we do need to grow more local rando riders – we could use some help with volunteering along the routes. some day i hope to get these rides set up so i can actually arrive at the start, clip in, and enjoy myself!

    big sister and little sister are doing wonderfully, along with mom. despite lack of bike time and lack of sleep (and i’m getting more than mom!) – don’t think i’d trade it. might have to readjust an ambitious training plan i embarked on for fall… just not enough hours in the day.

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