Same Spot, Different Bike

Local trails, Fargo this morning.

Lowered the saddle once I settled into the singletrack. That made a huge difference, especially on the technical bits. Tweaked the bar position.

Think I’m getting it dialed for both gravel and trail. This morning was – make adjustment, ride a lap, rinse, repeat.

The Vulpines roll well on the gravel and dirt – but they are definitely not a wet, snot, rock tire. Would love to have a 2.2 or 2.4 up front – and something sticky like a Nevegal. Would give me some more confidence in the slick. That said – rolling on a knobby isn’t fun – so the Race Kings or Vulpines will do for now, until I set up a second wheelset for eaiser changes. Riding trail on essentially a large cross tire is fun – and I can’t complain – I used to ride these same woods on 35s and 42s back when the CrossCheck was my ‘all-terrain-a-saurus’