Tuesday, 1:55 pm or so.
On the phone with clients in Boston.

Client: ‘I think the building just moved.’
Me: ‘Big truck?’
Client: ‘No, I think it was…
Me: ‘Earthquake. House is moving back and forth!’.
Client: ‘Whoa. Really going now.’
Hang up to finish conversation later.

Me: Standing in our 1.5 story cape, feeling the whole house sway, watching the windows at the end of the hall move back and forth.

4 Responses to “Earthquake”

  1. Mayan from the Future says:

    …yet another End of Days warning…

  2. greg says:

    We missed the excitement while on a job in Northfield. Must have been lake quake effect.

  3. mb says:

    was pretty wild. second quake i’ve felt in VT, 3rd quake i’ve witnessed in my life.

  4. Apertome says:

    That must have been very weird. I’m glad it was merely weird, and nothing more serious happened.