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Rock Face

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

’twas a quick first ride on the flat bar Fargo. Met Wil. Enjoyed a coffee. Was showing the way through the local trails when I endo’d and my face met this rock. Lost my facial hair in the process. Trying to avoid the ER. Headache. Feel like I’m 12.




Flat Bar Fargo

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Finally had some wrench time. Converted the Fargo over to flat bars and will be running 1×9 this winter. Nokian Extremes will go on when the temps start to drop.


Motion Blur

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Bike riding down. Car riding, plane riding, and general moving about (along with eating cafe food, drinking too much coffee, and putting on the pounds) is way up. Taught 3 sessions at a conference in the DC area. Incorporated my business. RUSA schedule has been submitted, information on 2012 VT Brevets forthcoming when we have approval.

Been back and forth to Boston (work and visiting my sister who was presenting at a conference), heading to the cape for work, then off to W.NY for work and family. We finally hired painters to tackle a few rooms in our house that we just couldn’t get around to wrapping up. Kitchen, hallways, and bath are now colorful. Added some new light fixtures to the bath while we had the walls messed up.

Fall has come and is nearly gone. Leaves down. Garden prepped for expansion (doubling again!).

Bikes need loving, collecting dust. Legs and lungs need the same. Haven’t felt really good on the bike since my 200+ mile trip through the ADKs in August. Just this week my lungs seem to be full of green slime that I cough up in the mornings, likely caught from a certain 3 year old. Looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled program. Focusing on family, work, and daddy time. Need to re-boot.

Wil put up a nice report on our overnight.