Our snow turned to a crunchy and thin top coat – I ventured out on the Fargo today with studs to explore a bit and enjoy the sun and blue sky. Pushed the chain into the spokes twice, had to adjust the limit screw in the field – have no idea how that came out of adjustment. A few snaps from today follow, have a bunch more but need time to process them.

Twas a good day. Tea and homemade baked goods on the beach, blue sky, sunshine, and a bike ride.


Finally a bit of snow… the 8 to 12 never arrived, and this snow is fleeting, already disappearing. The few hours it clung to the trees were refreshing.

45, February

45 miles, windy, a bit cold. Hurt so good. On the IF. Enjoyed a headwind all day, as the wind started in from the South and moved around to the Northwest after I turned around. Followed the lake on the way out, rode some mixed use trail on the skinny tires (fun, slick, and some ice), managed some lovely dirt roads – firm, and smooth for the most part with only a few sections turning to wheel sucking oatmeal.

Climbing was slow but the bike felt fast. I had to put my head down and get it done for the last 12 miles. There was much mashing at first in the big ring but I eventually succumbed to spinning on home.

Aside from a few short rides this is the first quality time on the IF since my 400k last summer. The bike felt small and twitchy at first, and then my body remembered and it fit like a glove again. The Nitto Noodles feel so odd when I’m in the drops… I’m so used to the splay on the Woodchippers. I managed to bang my wrists numerous times when standing to climb – and my hands are a bit unaccustomed to the small size of the Campy Ergo levers. Might have to save up some pennies and move over to a SRAM group. I really like the way the SRAM levers feel in the hand.

At the last minute this morning I moved my MTB pedals over so I could wear the Lake boots (and have warm feet). My knee is a little sore as I’m sure my pedal to saddle height is a bit low now.

Images aren’t the greatest. Popped a polarizing filter on before I left, and I’m not happy with the results. Will have to research that a bit…


I love exploring on a bike… and the Pugsley is the perfect machine for ‘no trail’ riding. Not 10 minutes from my house… the frozen transition from land to water along Lake Champlain.

Winter of my Discontent

Crazy few weeks months. Sick little ones, sick dad, travel, work, not enough time on the bike (or even out exploring the world). Mood is all over, weight is way up. Fitness way down, barely riding when I haven’t been hacking up a lung or snuggling a sick wee one. No snow in Burlington to speak of. Cold and gray and pretty depressing this year, compared to last. Remembering how to breathe and trying to be in the moment.

The chart above is completely fictitious, but could sum up the last 3-4 months.