Fat School Bus

First ride to drop the little one at school in a long while.

4 Responses to “Fat School Bus”

  1. John Speare says:

    sweet. but i think you need to find some fat rubber for the Burley to balance it all out.

  2. PT says:

    I like the ‘school bus’! That is great! I was looking more at my danish roots and into their bikes: http://www.christianiabikes.com/ .
    I hear you about the winter blues and not enough time on the bike, but it will get better (and warmer & sunnier). As always, I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. mb says:


    We had a Bakfiets for a few years. Loved it, but Jen was never comfortable on it post childbirth. We let it go…

    Would love to see you with a Euro kid hauler. Just need to convince you to move to Burlington with it…

  4. mb says:


    Would love to see some fat trailer tires… would be fun to drag the little ones down the beach. Likely have to go to singlewheel though… something like this maybe?