VT Brevets 2012

Our 2012 New England Randonneurs schedule has been posted.

Start times will likely be adjusted. I’ll post some detailed information here when the dust settles.
We are also hoping to add a 200k or 300k ‘Gap Filled’ ride for later in the summer…

6 Responses to “VT Brevets 2012”

  1. greg says:

    I guess we can start having the February populaire now as well 😉

  2. Eric Simmons says:

    I’ve been looking at the VT brevet series, hoping to ride some of them. I may be moving to Burlington this summer/fall but working some there beginning in July. I’ll be down in Randolph in May for 10-14 days. I won’t make the 200 Brevet on May 12 as I am starting the Colorado 300 that day. Perhaps a brevet in June. I like the photos of the “winter” there.

  3. mb says:


    You’d be welcome anytime!
    Winter has been sort of off this year, at least here in BTV.
    Heard they got a ton of snow in the mountains this past weekend.
    We had a few inches, and its crunchy and crusty right now.


  4. Kyle says:

    Hey Hope all is well, been following the blog for a bit. I’d like to chat with you about some NY roads. I did the ADK park loop for the ACA and would like to offer some dirt road alt routes. Feel free to email anytime.

  5. mb says:

    Hey Kyle… I’m all about dirt. Post some of your thoughts here and I’ll be in touch.

  6. Kyle says:


    The link should bring you to the map. I’d like to offer a few dirt road alternates along the way if at all possible. Unfortunately I haven’t done a lot of dirt road exploring in the southern half of the route. Any ideas would be great.

    On another note… the Blue Mountain Rd, near Paul Smith’s is fantastic if you find yourself north of Saranac Lake.