Morning Sun

Light in the morning. A pleasure with the unseasonably warm temps. Knickers, a jersey, and a light jacket. My morning loop includes bike path, some single track, and a bit of downtown road riding. Swapping out the Nokian Extremes for the WTB Vulpines this weekend made a huge difference in the Fargo. All morning I was thinking about how fast I was moving – until I got passed by someone on a proper skinny tired road bike (with their music on and head down) hammering up the path out of town.

A view to Camel’s Hump from BTV 5 minutes into my morning.

A sunrise view to the ‘big’ mountain, Mount Mansfield, from the edge of the Intervale.

A great way to start the day.

Mud Season

The winter that wasn’t is turning into a strange spring. Unseasonably warm, and the ground is turning to mud. Sure wish I could splurge on some Nates.