Morning Sun

Light in the morning. A pleasure with the unseasonably warm temps. Knickers, a jersey, and a light jacket. My morning loop includes bike path, some single track, and a bit of downtown road riding. Swapping out the Nokian Extremes for the WTB Vulpines this weekend made a huge difference in the Fargo. All morning I was thinking about how fast I was moving – until I got passed by someone on a proper skinny tired road bike (with their music on and head down) hammering up the path out of town.

A view to Camel’s Hump from BTV 5 minutes into my morning.

A sunrise view to the ‘big’ mountain, Mount Mansfield, from the edge of the Intervale.

A great way to start the day.

3 Replies to “Morning Sun”

  1. Cool pics, Mike. Out of curiosity, how long is your morning loop and how many days a week do you do it? I’m struggling to find time to ride, and am thinking I may have to resort to getting up earlier and doing a morning loop before getting ready for work.

  2. chad –

    depending on how many laps i do in the woods, i can go from 12 to 14 or 16 miles. usually an hour to an hour and a half. that also depends on how many photos i take. 😉

    when i’m on it, and get up early, i can get 2 hours in before i turn into dad. when i’m tired and dragging it, i sneak in 45 minutes to an hour + some decompression time sipping a coffee and reading the paper.

    as i’m self employed (un-employable, really) – i get up, ride, grab a coffee at the local cafe, then come home to get the little ones transitioned to school or nanny, then i climb upstairs to my office. i do miss my bike commute (last done in 2006…!) – but i don’t want to spend $$ for office space, so the spare bedroom works.

  3. Great photos of the mountains. I can’t wait to get our move over with and get settled back into the area. I hope to get a Moonlander or Neck Romancer when we get settled in and try some of the single track next fall and winter that you have photo’s of or set off and explore on my own

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