Some snaps from a slow roll this morning. Everything is fatigued and tired and sore. Rumor has it the 9 yards of dirt I’ve moved and the 800 square feet of soil that I turned hasn’t helped things… 😉

I really love the light in the morning – especially with a thin fog over the lake.

Sunday Dirt

Got out with the usual and a new suspect to some of our favorite dirt. Felt absolutely knackered the entire ride, and called in an air strike for extraction on my way back to town.


Our garden continues to expand. Plants making their way from the basement to the wilds of the backyard. Currently we have nearly the same amount of square footage in soil ready to plant as we have house.

Sunny Hollow

Got out to Sunny Hollow this past weekend. Mix of road and trail and railbed walking to get there. Did a few laps and explored a bit. Dropped the saddle, and raised the bars just a bit for single track riding. Trails were dry and fast, with a few sections of tacky dirt.


Starting to get back into my ‘routine’ of an early morning ride. I have some mixed terrain loop options – anywhere from 12-18 miles, depending on how I stitch together trail, path, road, and some dirt. Camel’s Hump was bathed in early morning light, and the Winooski was very still.

I carried the new (holiday present) eTrex20 to start learning how to make it do what I need. I hope to map out all of the local trails in the next week or so, and I need to find the flow in the local woods again. Since I mashed my face I haven’t spent much time riding the rocky, rooty, and sometimes flowy local single track.