Grey Morning

8 Responses to “Grey Morning”

  1. Dave says:

    That last photo is a keeper for sure. Nice.

  2. Pat S says:

    Sweet shots, Mike.

  3. jason says:

    love it. MB, you keep me connected to vt. thanks

  4. mb says:

    gentleman, thanks much.

  5. greg says:


    Those are some seriously nice and smooth, luscious greys you are getting outta that new Canon!

    Are you gonna be Gravel Grinding it?

  6. mb says:

    thanks greg. shot in color, so i can take advantage of RAW, then converted in Lightroom 4. it was a real grey day, and the lake was pretty deep green, and smoooooooth. until that little boat came chugging along.

    doubt i’ll be gravel grinding. going to be running in and out of state for clients and teaching like mad the next few weeks…

  7. Apertome says:

    Seriously beautiful images, man! The RAW possibilities with B&W are quite nice, aren’t they?

  8. mb says:


    Your’e back?!
    Still learning about RAW and the digital darkroom, but yes – the ability to work with all the data the camera gives is very cool!