Sunday Dirt

Got out with the usual and a new suspect to some of our favorite dirt. Felt absolutely knackered the entire ride, and called in an air strike for extraction on my way back to town.

4 Responses to “Sunday Dirt”

  1. jim says:

    Would you have made it home on IndyFab? Might make you feel fitter, faster.

  2. mb says:

    I would have made it home on the Fargo, but once I knew the wife and girls were heading my way for lunch and some errands it was an easy extraction choice.

    It’s the engine, and the body, not the bike. I am a healthy 15 pounds over last spring, and I am way behind on fitness.

    Although the IF is certainly faster on some terrain….

  3. aaron says:

    My first thoughts when you and Wil arrived was that your jobs were going to be harder that day. I ride a 26″ beater commuter (the 90s where cool right?) during the week and it takes significantly more effort to keep those heavy wheels spinning than those on the Vaya. During the winter with the studded tires, holy mackerel. I know this is old hat knowledge, but don’t discount how much a difference all that rotational mass on a 29/700c with a meaty tire makes. If we do that route again, get on that IF!

  4. Eric Simmons says:

    Any cue sheets left over? Or, one you could attach to an email?
    I’d like to ride it on my own sometime soon.