Slow Roll

Took the IF out for the first time since late winter. What a lovely ride, once my body remembered how the bike fit. I might have to put some splayed bars on this rig. I tapped my knee several times on the bar ends, and managed to mash my wrist into the flats a few times when climbing in the drops.

I was hoping to roll for 30-40 miles. I cut that short as I just wasn’t feeling it when I got out of town. When climbing in granny gear, and a granny (with a fanny pack) passes you – its time to come to terms with your fitness. (yeah, she was ripped and probably on a recovery ride getting ready for a triathlon or the BTV marathon… I only hope to be half as fit with another 20 years on me…)

Anyway. This lil critter should be my new mascot:

And these freaked me out a bit. Was standing at the waters edge and heard a splash at my feet:

Beautiful day out. Blue sky (should have brought the polarizing filter), mild temp (going to get toasty this afternoon), and no wind.

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  1. thanks greg. really wish i had the polarizer with me! bright sun on the water was tough to get a good angle.

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