8 Replies to “Dusting off the Pugsley”

  1. I love the overwhelming grey in this shot, including the sky.

    I love lakes, and I wish we had some more accessible. It feels silly to say that because we do have a few lakes near town, one practically in town, but not as close as I’d like. How far do you have to get to get to this one?

  2. That stretch of beach is ~2 miles from my door. The lake is just over there, about 1/2 mile away. On a windy day I can hear waves crashing from the garden. And on a summer holiday weekend I can hear jet skis and other obnoxious watercraft.

  3. @ Steve

    Dillingers are a bit rich for me right now. Would love some… but some recent family job changes has my bike budget severely curtailed. I have fondled them at the OSH and they look realllllllly nice. But can’t spend the $$ right now. And I have other gear that is more pressing to part with cash on.

    And I’m still rolling on the Nokian Extremes that I picked up from Pat S (^up there) a few winters ago.

    I’d really like some new sneaks for the Pugs. Still rolling on the Larry and Endo combo. Endo is starting to show signs of wear, maybe spring I’ll pick up some 26″ Knards or some Husker Du’s. Nates seem overkill for where I ride, but they might eliminate my fear (and practice) of wrecking on nasty slimy roots and rocks that are prevelant (and evil) lurking in my local woods.

  4. @ Pat S

    Thanks. It gets ridden quite a bit, but I’m focusing a bit on it again as the snow is imminent (I hope better than last winter!)

  5. Mike-I here you $$$$ but I just can’t seem to get them out of my mind. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger for one

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