GMNF Winter Riding

I snuck out for some early winter riding in the Green Mountain National Forest. I had visions of a larger loop – but after sliding around on the hardpack / ice (primarily going downhill) from last nights sleet / rain I cut it short at about 15 miles. Steam Mill, Natural Turnpike, and a bit of exploring down the road to Spark’s Landing.


The Krampus is fast becoming my favorite bike… it just feels right in so many situations. I can’t wait to get my dyno light back from warranty, and if I had warmer gear I’d be planning some winter bikepacking trips. The Knards did admirable in the snow – but the frozen sort of iced hardpack was a bit unnerving. They wash out in deeper snow, but roll really well on hardpack and the snow that gets trampled on dirt roads. They can’t compare to a Nate on the Pugsley for grip, but the Nate cannot compare to the Knard for nice rolling. I’m hoping the Maxxis Chronicles become available in the spring stateside – they look like a good mud / slop / snow tire for 29+ and for general trail riding. The Knard would be a gt to for forest road / dirt road / tame single track bikepacking.



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  1. Bob,

    I named the 2 roads I was on today! And you can see the place names on 2 of the signs! There’s even a map in one of the images with a ‘You Are Here’ arrow.

    Do you ever get lost? It’s invaluable to finding really great places to ride.

  2. Lost? It’s practically a lifestyle! Guess I’m looking more for “point of entry” details since I’m relatively new in the area.
    Thanks anyway.

  3. They are some long dirt roads up high. For a long ride park in Bristol and enjoy the bakery / cafe afterwards. Connect through Lincoln.

    For a shorter ride park at Breadloaf Campus, Robert Frost wayside or Widows clearing trailhead on 125. Steam Mill is right at the campus.

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