Winter arrived here in VT over the last couple of weeks. Heavy, wet snow has blanketed the state. In BTV we have been spared the power outages and downed trees, some parts of the state went without power for 3-4-5 days. I’ve been rolling when I can between lots of travel for work and family. Put some studded tires on the Krampus after some sketchy riding in the GMNF. The 45Nrth 2.35″ Nicotines really grip – although you need to find the sweet spot of pressure – too much and the side knobs don’t grip the ruts on the dirt roads, too little, and it can be a real slog on pavement or hardpack.

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  1. You’re right about the tire pressure issue!
    I spent Saturday rolling around on South a Hero/ GI, being lucky enough to get a lift each way, allowing for about 4 hours up there on my FatBack.
    I never really could find a sweet spot between too soft and bouncy until I just pumped up the Nicotines rock hard and just lowering the pressure-about a hundred different times-until it felt OK. And I still don’t know where Inended up because once I said, “Oh yeah, that’s it”, I enjoyed the afternoon, avoiding US2 as much as possible, until heading back to Burlington.

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