Cotton Brook for Pie


A ride in Cotton Brook for homemade apple pie. The plan was to ride in from the Stowe side and sit out the rain at a lean to in Little River State Park. With a late start and decent weather as the afternoon wore on we just sat trail-side and enjoyed home made pie and fresh coffee instead of riding downhill for 1.6 miles only to have to climb back up…





~20 miles
~2600′ of climbing, ~1600′ in the first 9.7 miles
Rain, chilly, home made pie
Greg’s Mukluk, Wil’s Ice Cream Truck, and my Pugsley
We saw a bear!

3 Responses to “Cotton Brook for Pie”

  1. Vik says:

    That’s a mean looking creature.

    — Vik

  2. mb says:

    Vik – that road was not moving! I think it started to jump and then it got stuck. It was near freezing overnight!

  3. jim says:

    That toad is torpor-iffic!