Spring Riding

We’ve rolled out first few family rides if 2016. Ava is on a new, larger 24″ ‘mountain’ bike. She will be taking a Little Bellas camp at Catamount this year.

The little one wants to ride everywhere on the tiny little wheels. She has been a trooper so far, riding farther than I imagined she would. 

We carry her and her bike on the Yuba when she gets tired. 

Both girls have been asking about Silver Lake camping and a bike trip. Ava wants to carry her own gear – she’s been eying a rack and my old panniers for her new bike. I’m excited for both of those ideas. 

Yuba to the Park

The 4 year old is wanting to ride more, so we ventured to the park this weekend for practice. She made it most of the way… and we cargo carried her bike for a short stretch. Then she rode the whole way home.


We’ll be starting our ride into school after the spring break, and I’ll be sad when our camp / school rides end next year as both girls will be at school about ~12+ miles away from home (unless dad gets into monster shape!)

Covered Bridges of Chittenden County

I did a modified version of a local covered bridge loop here near Burlington, opting to park near the bridges and eliminate most of the busy pavement back and forth from home. ~26 miles, lots of dirt, and the longest ride I’ve done on any bike since… last fall?

The Roscoe (Sequin) Covered Bridge:



I ventured underneath to get a peak at the structure:



The Lewis Creek (Quinlan) Covered Bridge:


I saw quite a few folks fly fishing:


Holmes Creek Covered Bridge: