Covered Bridges of Chittenden Country

I did a modified version of a local covered bridge loop here near Burlington, opting to park near the bridges and eliminate most of the busy pavement back and forth from home. ~26 miles, lots of dirt, and the longest ride I’ve done on any bike since… last fall?

The Roscoe (Sequin) Covered Bridge:



I ventured underneath to get a peak at the structure:



The Lewis Creek (Quinlan) Covered Bridge:


I saw quite a few folks fly fishing:


Holmes Creek Covered Bridge:


3 Responses to “Covered Bridges of Chittenden Country”

  1. Kent F. says:

    Nice looking ride. We’ve got a few covered bridges up here too.

  2. jim says:

    missing those bridges for sure. looks nice, but no greenery yet!

  3. mb says:

    Stick season! And issues with fire warnings. No snow pack and not much rain. Global Weirding!