The Bridge

This is a stitched image – I took 13 images in landscape orientation and rotated them around on a panorama head from one end of the bridge to the other. South is on top, north on the bottom. Montreal to the north is lighting up the sky with light pollution and air glow. Lights from the boathouse to the south are lighting up the trees and the bridge. I learned a ton setting this up and shooting it… got to the bridge at 4:45 am, just a short ride from the house. Setup the tripod, panorama head, and did a few test shots. Camped out as I rotated the camera through the range, using a remote shutter to take the snap, and making sure to not move the tripod, or tweak anything I as I took the images. I processed in Lightroom and then stitched as TIFFs in PTGui.

13 frames, stitched in PTGui Pro. Shot on Canon M6 with Rokinon 12mm f/2 lens (set at f.2,8) – ISO 1600 and 10 second exposures

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