Ready to Ride

My training is way off pace. I’m stressed by the thought of even getting on the bike. I should be on the rollers. I should be focused on losing weight. According to my rough plan I should be hitting my 4-5 hour long rides starting next week – and I honestly don’t even want to ride to the grocery store. The weather has been craptastic – especially when I had my wake up call hard fall a few weeks ago. We’ve been traveling all over this winter, the whole family has been sick (I’m currently battling bronchitis and influenza A), the billable work hours are piling up (and in this economy I’ve been taking most work that comes my way).

Getting the picture. Excuses, excuses, excuses.
But honestly – it just doesn’t sound like fun anymore.

I have 2 main goals for this coming season – qualify for and finish the Endless Mountains 1240k, and enjoy the NE Fleche with our VT team of usual suspects (if we ever get confirmation on its specifics).

Jen doubled down on my EM 1240 goal. I have 3 chances to complain about it – anything from “I’m too slow, I’ll never finish” to “It’s impossible” or “I can’t ride…” No more complaining – or we cancel. And she doubled down on the weight loss, anemia, and asthma that I’ve been a horrible manager of. A good kick in the pants for sure.

Becoming a dad, trying to work part time to help with the family budget while being day to day care provider for our little one has proven more challenging than I could have dreamed. Its also been incredibly rewarding – far beyond the challenges. I just never thought it would be so hard to stay motivated. (One aspect of training I am making great strides in is sleep deprivation – the little one has been sick and going through problems with sleeping… so bring on the late night riding – I think I’m ready)

Looking for some inspiration (aside from lusting after new bike gear) I downloaded David Rowe’s The Ride of Your Life. I’m already pleased and I’m not quite through the introduction. I’ll report back as I progress. As much as I want to tear through it – I just hate reading a ‘book’ like this on the screen. Might have to sacrifice some recycled newspapers and print some of this out…

Endless Mountains 1240k

I just sent in my registration for the Endless Mountains 1240k. The ride starts in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and is put on by a very active and successful RBA. For a short time in 2000 I lived a few towns over from the ride start – I was working with a friend surveying, dismantling, moving, and repairing historic barns (we turned 2 of them into houses). The country that the ride traverses is beautiful. I have just about a year to build on my base and get my rando legs back under me – I hope to not only complete the ride – but enjoy the scenery and maybe stop and smell the flowers along the way. I’ll need to complete a full brevet series to qualify – and I’d like to add a fleche to the mix to hone night riding and sleep deprivation skills.

Something I’ve learned over the last few years is that it is important for me to have goals and targets. This year I stayed motivated by planning and riding a solo 300k through the ADKs. With the 1200k on the horizon I’ll be able to build on a series of small goals that lead to the big event. It should be an interesting year.