Attempts were Made

Bikes, cameras, and attempting to get trailing lights on the bridge captured on my wide angle lens at 4am this morning.

Only decent shot I got this morning… cropped because I was standing around to the right and my light was too bright in the frame…

Flash set to fire on the rear curtain, I brought an old remote trigger and the antennae broke on my first pass. All secondary attempts were done by setting up a timer and long shutter duration. After a dozen attempts I packed up, came home and made coffee.

Setup shot – check focus, flash, position… and put on a warm layer.


I’ve been prototyping a magnetic decaleur for the Swift bag… I’m fully into V2, and already see how V3 will work out better.


Sketch for V2


Sketch for V0 and parts of V1

Same Spot, Different Bikes

Pugsley from my first trip to Moose River Plains, a very cold January in 2011.


Fargo from my first through trip through Moose River Plains, a lovely August 2011.


Krampus from my last trip, a lovely fall day in October 2015.


Bike Geek Pics – IF

Recent bike geek pics of my Ti Independent Fabrications Club Racer. Currently running Clement MSO tires under PDW Full Metal Fenders with Paul Racer M brakes. I have some drivetrain updates to do – but the 9spd bar end has been solid.








Krampus Continued

Some pictures of the new rig, with a proper fitting frame bag and my dyno lights… I used my Dinotte for a few days – and man I missed the Revo. So nice to have things back to ‘normal’. Really enjoying this bike, it needs a proper bikepacking trip to get a full test – but so far its a pleasure to ride.










Nothing more to say at the moment. Had a blast in the woods this afternoon. The Fargo will need to be put up for sale…

IF 2014

I’ve made some changes to the IF for 2014. The latest has been test fitting some Vittoria Randonneur Hyper tires in 32mm from Jim. These fit great under the Portland Design Works Full Metal Fenders, and the tires feel like super sized Conti GP 4 Season 28s that I really like. So far I think they’ll be a great tire for my pave / dirt / exploring. But, in order to get tires of that size to fit, and even fenders of that size to fit, I had to swap the brakes.


I’ve been eyeing the Paul Racer Mediums for this bike for a long long time. I used the center mount version, as I didn’t want to get a new fork, nor alter the rear end of the Ti frame. These work really well – stopping power seems firmer than the Shimano ‘long’ reach 47-57s that were on there, and there is gobs of clearance. After the brake change I picked up some wider fenders. I’ve burned through 2-3 sets of Honjos and was going to go plastic – but I’ve read good things about the PDW Full Metal Fenders. So far they are rattle free and solid.