Check out ecovelo, Alan’s new project:

EcoVelo is the public expression of my personal commitment to reduce my impact on the environment by employing bicycles as my primary mode of transport. By sharing what I learn from this endeavor, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing experience that celebrates the beauty of the bicycle and the joys of everyday bike riding, I hope to inspire others to make a similar commitment.

Drop on by. You’ll find our Bakfiets in the gallery, along with my IF, rigged for utility and rando riding.

Jet Pack

The Brompton was fantastic for getting around PDX in lieu of a rental car. About 1 minute and it was folded up nice and tight, ready to roll as a shopping cart, onto the MAX, or to tuck under a table at a cafe. I did all three – and it worked like a charm. I was working at the Expo center for a home show – and the bike folded in the back of the booth was a great conversation starter. The integrated bag was wonderful for toting a load about – the low position of the bag meant that I could drag the 17″ laptop, a change of clothes, rain gear, and some literature for the expo – and still have room stop at a hardware store and fit in glass cleaner and paper towels – all with relative ease and no adverse affect on handling.

If I lived in a larger town with good mixed modes of public transportation I’d seriously consider a folding bike. I’d search out a Brompton with more options for tuning my riding position – or maybe get a BikeFriday. If I ever hit the road again for work, or perhaps even if we join the budding Green Mountain Car Share here in Burlington I’ll add a folder to my stable as it would be the perfect vehicle for mixing commutes, business travel, and utility cycling ’round town (and with the right bike – a great bike for traveling via plane and train).

Portland, OR Part 1

I’m on the ground in Portland, OR for work. I am smitten with this bicycle friendly town – always have been actually, even before it became bicycle heaven USA – from my studying of its progressive planning and transit politics and policies. Todd over at CleverCycles arranged a Brompton for me to rent – which seems the perfect ride for a town with progressive urban transit options and some of the best bicycle infrastructure and advocacy in the country.

The Brompton is a very very cool machine. Here it is ready to ride, across the Willamette from the convention center. I’ve been out and about cruising along the waterfront a bit – and from Wednesday through Sunday I hope to commute to the Expo center for the work I’m doing here. I’m hoping to get a sense of the infrastructure, the mindset, and the general flow of the Portland cyclist – I’ll try for a few days to become one – rain and all.