Snoozing kittens, who usually hang out in the office behind me most of the day.


Sunrise with Ava

Ava and I got up early, snagged some hot chocolate and coffee, and watched and photographed the sunrise from Shelburne Farms.

My favorite shot of the morning was just as the sun peaked out from behind Camel’s Hump.

Camel’s Hump and the Sun

I love these micro adventures with the girls. Scheming and planning for more.

Ava setting up her shot
Enjoying the sunrise

I bracketed most of my shots – so I tried out the Merge>HDR feature in Lightroom.

HDR from 3 shots merged in Lightroom
Another HDR from 3 shots merged in Lightroom

Photo Walk

The girls got a lesson on my camera last week and I dusted off my old Canon G12 for them to use. Yesterday before school Ava and I scheduled time to explore town and a park on the way to school. I loved watching her look at the world, and teaching her about how cameras (and our eyes) process images.

Dad’s Tools

Spent a bit of time back at ‘home’ in Cleveland with mom after she had a knee replacement. I brought back a few tools that I had in storage there, and spent time reminiscing about my dad, while picking through the garage.

So many memories embedded in his tools – from learning to use a pocket knife, to getting a stern talking to after using the drill press and band saw when he wasn’t supervising (at age 10), to welding, remodeling, plumbing, electric, and all the rest.