I was within minutes of the tornado in western Massachusetts last week. Hail on the roof of the rental car, strong winds, thunder, lightning, etc. Head over to NASA to read more details.

Been a blur since the 400k. No riding, lots of work, lots of driving. Things are settling down, and life will return to some normalcy here, hopefully. Garden expansion is complete. Apple and pear trees planted and doing well. Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry bushes planted. Ava has been poaching nearly ripe blueberries all week…

Been to MA and NH for work. Dropped by a few projects in the Boston area to check on progress, and then took off for the Berkshires to teach at the Heartwood School. 3 days of 3d modeling, reconnecting with friends, and enjoying the mountains. The Fargo made the trip with me – but some design work for a project overseas that I was honored to work on took some late nights… so no riding, just time pushing pixels around.

Looking forward to a return to life in northern Vermont. Until a little one decides to make an appearance…


Continues. Strawberry and blueberry bushes, apple tree, pear tree, and way more dirt than I want to move to the backyard.


Doubling the size of the garden = blisters on my soft sitting at a computer all day hands. Need to borrow a wheelbarrow and shuttle all the sod to the back of our lot, then get a load of topsoil / compost delivered.


Seed starts are sprouting and growing. 360+ of peas, corn, beans, chard, watermelon, perennials, strawberries, and more. They are warm and cozy under artificial sunlight in our basement – as our garden is still under 6-8 inches of dirty frozen snow, with more to come – as we will be under a winter storm warning for Thursday and Friday. 6-12 inches of snow across northern Vermont overnight, more in the mountains. Sigh. The VT Champlain Valley 200k Brevet is April 9!


We’re doing a bit of container gardening this summer. We opted out of a community garden plot this year with the little one being our first priority on time – but if the containers go well this summer we’ll do a plot next year – or expand into the flower beds and build some larger wooden containers surrounding our deck. We have 4 varieties of tomato, cucumber, peppers, zucchini, parsley, rosemary, and basil happily growing on the deck. The patio tomatoes and the early girls are showing the most progress – there were buds last week and the beginnings of fruit this week!