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Salsa / Revelate Frame Bag

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Back in October my sweeties surprised me with this frame bag for my birthday. Its been on the Fargo pretty much every day since, and I am loving having all that space in the triangle for storage. It has a map / phone skinny pocket on the non drive side, and a large pocket with single zipper on the drive side. Inside is a velcro divider that can be slightly adjusted to keep the compartment somewhat organized, and control ‘flop’ of the bag.

I’ve used it completely stuffed with gloves, extra layers, tools, tube, and a Klean Kanteen, as well as semi loaded with tools and camera gear. I plan on getting a bladder and hose setup fit inside – experimentation with that will happen in the spring, when I hope to make overnights and some longer bikepacking trips a regular occurrence.

This bag completes my carrying kit. I have a suite of Revelate gear – gas tank, jerry can, seat bag, and front harness with pouch. With water in the frame bag or on the forks, I am very close to leaving the Wingnut Gear Hyper 3.0 backpack at home – or carrying it only for ‘cameling’ up between supply, or using it for convenience items like extra layers and personal gear.

TarpTent Contrail

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

New shelter. Testing hopefully this fall. Quick pitch in the park – took 3 minutes first time out of the package. Need to seam seal and add a few guy lines and stakes. 1.8 pounds. Packs 4×14″ with the optional pole strapped to my bars or bike. Room for 2 in a pinch, or dad and a little one. With a line for the door, I could sit up and cook under the entry.

Salsa Anything Cages

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Test fit of the Salsa Anything Cages. Awaiting some 6×12 OR drybags I found on clearance to see if handling is affected.

Not sure if I’ll need them for the upcoming trip, but I’ve been looking at these for quite awhile.


Friday, June 17th, 2011

New sneaks arrived for on the Fargo and Pugsley. My Specialized shoes have finally given up, with the sole @ the cleat pushing into the bottom of the shoe. Looks like they are delaminating. 5 year old shoes, ridden in mud, snow, rain… I really can’t complain. I opted to replace them with some Pearl Izumi X-Alp pro shoes. Carbon sole that is supposedly good for hike a bike… I would have gone for another comparable pair of the Specialized shoes – but they have a very stiff sole now, and a local rider told me they are great for on the bike, not so good for even short off the bike pushes.

And then I found this (for the Enduro model) and this. Kurt’s plug pretty much sold me on the shoe. He’s currently out front on the Tour Divide.

In other news I snapped the hanger on the Fargo. Hit something, and glad I didn’t shift into the spokes. New parts (and a spare for my kit) are on the way. On a separate morning I went over the bars – perfect wheel swallowing divot coming off some roots.

Next week I hope the continuing fatigue is gone, hoping to start a formal training plan to take me into the fall. Will be the first time I’ve done any specific training since burning out when I hired a coach back in 07.

After the burn out I didn’t ride for nearly 8 months. Looking forward to it, as I think I’ve got the largest base in place in a long long time – but need to knock a few more pounds off the body and step up the intensity for climbing. (hmm, when I migrated over from Blogger it seems I lost all my pictures on previous posts… sad…)

PSA – Check your Shoes

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Just a friendly reminder to check your shoes and cleats. Road, dirt road, and gravel riding eat up cleats and tread.


Friday, April 15th, 2011

B17, after some surgery. Trimmed to have a similar nose shape as my Brooks Swallow, and tied underneath with the left over long sides. The B17 has been comfortable for my ADK double century rides, the Fleche, and countless fixed gear rides on dirt and in the woods. The Swallow has always been hit and miss on rides longer than 200k – especially with lots of dirt or rough pavement – so I’m thinking this might be the best of both worlds for brevet season.

I don’t yet have the courage to cut a Brooks Imperial / Selle Anatomica style slot out of the center… but by summer’s end I might.

Fast Snow

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Warm temps during the day dipping below freezing over night + skiers and walkers out have made the local trails pretty quick. Had a blast yesterday and today riding a mix of ski trail and single track out the back door.

The Lakes are a holiday present from my sweeties. Wishing I’d had picked these up years ago. So comfortable. So warm. I’ve returned to riding clipped in after having to wear winter boots with platforms to keep my frozen toes somewhat warm. Can’t wait to get on the fixed gear again in the cold… and these will come in handy with our early brevets and training next year.


Monday, December 20th, 2010

Garage door seal makes a great first layer for thickening up the padding on bars. Early in the day while moving some boxes in the garage the remnant of a former home improvement project tumbled to the floor. Later that night I was debating opening up a new pack of bar tape only to have it disappear under a double wrap. I looked down to see the answer right under foot. I electric taped a piece of the door sealer to the bars, then bar wrapped over the top. So far its quite comfortable.


Tuesday, December 7th, 2010


The IF isn’t my first choice for my winter steed, but as I wait on a pedal rebuild,  a pedal replacement, and a busted buckle for my mtb shoes, it will wear the Nokian 35s and serve as a cold weather rider until the snow piles high. The Soma is waiting for the 294s, for fat tire fixed winter fun.


Sunday, November 14th, 2010


Short fall ride. Busted Time RSX carbon road pedal.