Snaps from the Farm Barn at Shelburne Farms, VT this morning after dropping the kids off at school. Lite snow falling, while testing a new (to me) 18-150 lens on the little Canon M6.

Bridge, Fail

Fail, fail often, learn. Repeat.

Bridge, stars, moonlight. Canon M6 with Rokinon 12mm

Cold and windy morning on the bridge today. I either missed the manual focus, or the camera and bridge were moving in the wind. Or both. So much to learn, including how to dress when I am standing around fussing with the camera. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I have added Raynaud’s to my auto immune complications…



Snoozing kittens, who usually hang out in the office behind me most of the day.


The Farm Barn

The Farm Barn @ Shelburne Farms. VT

Some days its hard to believe that our kids go to school in the lower level of this fantastic barn. Shot at Shelburne Farms, VT from Sheeps Knoll on a lovely morning with a dynamic sky.