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Monday, May 16th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 4.37.25 PM

Popped up on the SketchUp front page. I’ll also be presenting at their Basecamp conference in June

Heartwood Snapshots

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

We had a great class at Heartwood for my spring ‘Introduction to SketchUp’. 12 students fill all the available seats and we covered a wide range of skills ranging from accurate modeling techniques, presentation, and compound timber joinery.


I took 3 courses here in 1999-2000 or so. That reinforced a love of building and design and set me on a path that I’ve been wandering and refining since.


I’ve been teaching here for about 6 years now. It’s a magical place that I truly love returning to every year.

Motion Blur

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Bike riding down. Car riding, plane riding, and general moving about (along with eating cafe food, drinking too much coffee, and putting on the pounds) is way up. Taught 3 sessions at a conference in the DC area. Incorporated my business. RUSA schedule has been submitted, information on 2012 VT Brevets forthcoming when we have approval.

Been back and forth to Boston (work and visiting my sister who was presenting at a conference), heading to the cape for work, then off to W.NY for work and family. We finally hired painters to tackle a few rooms in our house that we just couldn’t get around to wrapping up. Kitchen, hallways, and bath are now colorful. Added some new light fixtures to the bath while we had the walls messed up.

Fall has come and is nearly gone. Leaves down. Garden prepped for expansion (doubling again!).

Bikes need loving, collecting dust. Legs and lungs need the same. Haven’t felt really good on the bike since my 200+ mile trip through the ADKs in August. Just this week my lungs seem to be full of green slime that I cough up in the mornings, likely caught from a certain 3 year old. Looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled program. Focusing on family, work, and daddy time. Need to re-boot.

Wil put up a nice report on our overnight.


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011


I was within minutes of the tornado in western Massachusetts last week. Hail on the roof of the rental car, strong winds, thunder, lightning, etc. Head over to NASA to read more details.

Been a blur since the 400k. No riding, lots of work, lots of driving. Things are settling down, and life will return to some normalcy here, hopefully. Garden expansion is complete. Apple and pear trees planted and doing well. Blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry bushes planted. Ava has been poaching nearly ripe blueberries all week…

Been to MA and NH for work. Dropped by a few projects in the Boston area to check on progress, and then took off for the Berkshires to teach at the Heartwood School. 3 days of 3d modeling, reconnecting with friends, and enjoying the mountains. The Fargo made the trip with me – but some design work for a project overseas that I was honored to work on took some late nights… so no riding, just time pushing pixels around.

Looking forward to a return to life in northern Vermont. Until a little one decides to make an appearance…

Recent Snaps

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Been a whirlwind. The little one had a birthday. Lots of travel for work – Western NY, ME, NH, MA, CT, Washington DC. Then a botched attempt to get to a wedding in San Diego that ended (due to airline issues) with us staying in Manhattan for the night and driving back to Burlington.


Monday, June 22nd, 2009

I DNF’d on the Boston 400k this past weekend. A lingering stomach bug crippled my morning, as my average speed dropped and dropped along with my caloric intake. I logged about 100 miles before pulling the plug, and added another 20 or so to make it to a safe and easy to reach retrieval point.

Foggy, misty morning.

Foggy, misty morning.

Thanks to the NERds for putting on what looks to be a great ride. The first half of the route was gorgeous, and aside from it being ‘Bike Week’ (loud motors, not muscles) my morning was as pleasant as could be, under the circumstances. Despite the cramping, needing to ride bolt upright for long stretches, and touring the interiors of numerous restrooms and port-a-lets – I tried to enjoy my father’s day weekend ride.

A stone building in New Hampshire.

A stone building in New Hampshire.

Paint drippings - for better than 2 miles - my own bike lane.

Paint drippings - for better than 2 miles - my own bike lane.

Sounds... dirty.

Sounds... dirty.

'Bike Week' - ride organizers had ear plugs at the first control...

'Bike Week' - ride organizers had ear plugs at the first control...

A nice surprise was that the route passed 2 projects that I recently designed at The Nature of Things in Nashua, New Hampshire, one of which was assembled and raised just last week.

Timber frame addition, recently raised!

Timber frame addition, recently raised!

Timber frame school house (solar on the roof, geothermal heating and cooling, FSC certified timber... and a potential LEED certification!

Timber frame school house (solar on the roof, geothermal heating and cooling, FSC certified timber... and a potential LEED certification!

Work and Ride

Thursday, May 28th, 2009
The IF at the top of the drive...

The IF at the top of the drive...

I spent three days in the Berkshires teaching at the Heartwood School. I managed two short rides to explore the local dirt. Lots of steep climbing on gravel and sand and loose dirt. I was wishing for wider tires as I was running the 28s with the Honjo’s. Wanted to get out more – but it was hard to cram a bit of catching up with friends, teaching, and riding into the time I had. I’d love to get back…

A fork in the road on the way up to Middlefield.

A fork in the road on the way up to Middlefield.




Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

I’ve had some help on a complete overhaul of my ‘work’ website. I started blogging in 2003 – hand coding my blog as a sub page of my personal website. After 2 years of neglect and zero updates, I had a friend help me get WordPress installed. I have a ton more content to add – including an updated portfolio and images of recent work. Drop by and check it out.

SketchUp in New Hampshire

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

The view from our stay in New Hampshire – atop a hill on a dirt road in what felt like the middle of nowhere. I taught a 2 day SketchUp class in the tiny town of Tamworth to a few timber framers, builders, and designers. We focused on general model building and then tightened in on timber specific joinery techniques. The scenery and the students were magnificent…

I’ll be teaching at Heartwood this May, and hopefully I’ll secure a spot at the TF Guild’s Eastern Conference.

Slow(ness) / Deceleration

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Adjusting to my new role as primary care provider for our little one has been an emotional adventure. When we first hatched the plan for me to cut back my hours so I could take on care I thought about all the wonderful things I could share with our daughter – and I glossed over any issues I thought I might have about work, my value to the household, and my ‘career’ (if you could call the path I’m on a ‘career’).

Adjusting away from work has been the biggest challenge. In order to juggle the bills I still need to bring in a bit of cash each month – this means design consulting for a few clients doing anywhere from 10-20 hours of work a week, depending on who’s paying and what I’m doing. Squeaking out those 10-20 hours has been challenging – and its been hard not to say ‘NO!’ when I see the work piling up and I have ready clients willing to pay for it to get done. Occasionally I’ll cram in a busy busy week – but the price is little time for solo rides and runs – and more time in front of the computer feeling guilty that I’m neglecting our little one as she plays in the office (we’ve wondered if baby gear can be an itemized business expense?).

It has taken a good few months – but I’m finally finding ways to let go of the go-go world I used to live in. Homes are still being built, good people are doing good design, and the world goes on – without me. I’ve jumped from the plane/train/car riding laptop toting cellphone ringing design/sales consultant to a much different world – and the deceleration has caused me some whiplash.

Letting go of the $$ was the first challenge. Realizing how much child care is worth (through interviewing nanny agencies and shopping for day care) put me a bit more at ease not being an ‘equal’ financial partner in our household. The math works out that even if I was bringing in my old salary – I’d be giving most of it up just for someone to care for our little one. Investing time, not cash, is what I’ve come to love about being a new parent. Little ones require such simple things – but the things that we bring to our little one’s lives mirror our values. Giving up on ‘making a living’ to taking care of a living has been a shift. Value is relative.

Letting go of working with and designing / solving problems for people is something I have had the hardest time working through. The connections to good people doing good work is what drove most of my projects – and without that creative outlet there are days that I feel a bit empty. I’ve been working through this by applying my energies to projects around the house or on acquiring skills so I can produce bike related gear – all the while including our little one as much as possible in my everyday world. Dishes, cooking, bike repair, laundry, errands – the everyday. Transitioning from a lead designer and team player on complex projects to ‘daddy day care’ is a work in progress. Most days are wonderful – but there are days, especially just prior to sending off a batch of work, that are mental challenges.

To help reorient my compass and ease my deceleration I’ve tried to embrace the slow, the everyday, the wonder of the moment. It seems I was much better at this when it was an option for me – as a short lived student of Zen I found delight in trying to blend the everyday into my hectic life. Now that I have the time to embrace ‘now’ – I have found it can be stifling and hard to wrap one’s head around.

This week has been different. It seems that the parachute may have finally opened and my body recovering from the sudden deceleration before touching ground. While drifting a bit in the wind I’m eager to get my feet on the ground and explore. Pacing myself to the rhythm of our little one has opened a new perspective on the world.

Beach sand never felt, nor looked so interesting. Grass – its texture on the skin is a joy under the blue blue sky and early summer sun. Loons can swim under water a surprising length of time. Cottonwood blossoms make it snow in June. Park swings are relaxing and exhilarating. Tree houses still inspire this boy’s sense of adventure.

Pedaling slowly also has its advantages (aside from not breaking a sweat) – dew on the leaves glisten, frogs croak at sunset, waves ripple in pattern, clouds become dragons and mountains and birds, rain falls softly on the forest above – and the little one sleeps and dreams of a perfect world, a perfect day, of discovery and of life to come.