Spent a few days in Orlando presenting my workflow in SketchUp at the International Builders Show and was put up in the Cabana Bay Resort. 50’s – 60’s surf / beach themed ‘destination’ resort attached to Universal Studios. I snapped a few images on my last morning before my flight back to Vermont. Over baked, and not for me, but I appreciated the attention to detail down to the Zest bar soap and VO5 shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

Starlight and the morning sky
Bay Pavilion
Faux Brutalism (non)Diving Platform
Neon and the morning sky


Snaps from a job site – timber frame roof system I designed covered in thatch.

Kancamagus Highway

I’ve been working with clients in Maine and have made several treks from Burlington to the Portland area over the last month. Each time I drive in daylight I try to mix up my route to experience as much of the White Mountains as I can.

This week I drove the Kancamagus Highway and stopped to shoot photos. The panorama was composed of seven shots and stitched in Hugin. The light was fading to the west as I found a pull off as the road descends on the west side of the pass. I believe the prominent peak to the left is Mt. Osceola.

Full size, single image that was part of the panorama stitch:

Fall color is starting to appear up high in the Whites. My favorite time of year here in VT.


Stopped in at good friends and clients New Energy Works last week on my way back from visiting mom after her surgery. Some lovely textures happening on their new CLT shop and warehouse space. Delightful combination of reclaimed materials, applied color, original patinas, and new wood tech.

Heartwood Snapshots

We had a great class at Heartwood for my spring ‘Introduction to SketchUp’. 12 students fill all the available seats and we covered a wide range of skills ranging from accurate modeling techniques, presentation, and compound timber joinery.


I took 3 courses here in 1999-2000 or so. That reinforced a love of building and design and set me on a path that I’ve been wandering and refining since.


I’ve been teaching here for about 6 years now. It’s a magical place that I truly love returning to every year.

Motion Blur

Bike riding down. Car riding, plane riding, and general moving about (along with eating cafe food, drinking too much coffee, and putting on the pounds) is way up. Taught 3 sessions at a conference in the DC area. Incorporated my business. RUSA schedule has been submitted, information on 2012 VT Brevets forthcoming when we have approval.

Been back and forth to Boston (work and visiting my sister who was presenting at a conference), heading to the cape for work, then off to W.NY for work and family. We finally hired painters to tackle a few rooms in our house that we just couldn’t get around to wrapping up. Kitchen, hallways, and bath are now colorful. Added some new light fixtures to the bath while we had the walls messed up.

Fall has come and is nearly gone. Leaves down. Garden prepped for expansion (doubling again!).

Bikes need loving, collecting dust. Legs and lungs need the same. Haven’t felt really good on the bike since my 200+ mile trip through the ADKs in August. Just this week my lungs seem to be full of green slime that I cough up in the mornings, likely caught from a certain 3 year old. Looking forward to getting back to our regularly scheduled program. Focusing on family, work, and daddy time. Need to re-boot.

Wil put up a nice report on our overnight.