September 28th, 2015

From the top of Camel’s Hump. I had wanted to do more photography, including a time lapse that would have panned around the mountain – but we were met with 30mph winds and hunkered down into sleeping bags and just enjoyed the spectacle.




September 26th, 2015


Silver Lake with Kids

September 23rd, 2015

One dad. 3 kids aged 4 to 8. 3/4 mile hike to the campsites at Silver Lake in the GMNF. 






Snacks, headlamp exploring, and then sleep. The morning brought breakfast, playing in the woods, and the short hike out.







First Day of Fall

September 23rd, 2015

And everything is a luscious green.


Single Speed

September 7th, 2015

Been riding the Krampus in single speed mode most of the summer. Wil took these of me descending Flo at Saxon Hill – which has been my go to place for 45 minutes to 2 hours+ of riding.



Coming and Going

September 2nd, 2015

Under the moon, in the dark, playing with the camera.




September 2nd, 2015

Taken under the waning moon with a long shutter time. Starting to look like daylight!


Sunday Dirt

September 1st, 2015

Riding the bike with the gear of one on the track of single is starting to pay off. Did a short ride on the go fast bike this weekend – pavement our of Richmond then up Wes White Hill and Pond Rd. looping to Mayo and Dugway before enjoying post ride coffee and fritter at the Parkside Kitchen. ~16 or so miles, but I worked them hard to test the legs on Wes White and the follow on up Mayo.


Its been a long while since I felt this good climbing… Wes White peaks out at 14%, and while the steepest parts are in the first mile, it carries on for another mile before settling down at the pond. Much more work to do, but I’m glad I re-discovered the Krampus as a single speed rig, its starting to pay off with my overall fitness.

Daddy Daughter Camping

September 1st, 2015

Quick overnight with the girls. Dinner in Middlebury, then up the mountain to Silver Lake NF campground. Walk in at dusk, setup camp, snack, sleep.



In the morning we ate some snacks (I needed coffee) and then explored around the campground and the dam, then hiked out. The girls carried their bags in ~3/4 mile. Lina wasn’t interested in carrying out on the second day, so dad carried her bag up the trail. We had proper, second breakfast in Middlebury, before heading home.





Good fun, and we have another trip planned before it gets too cold.

Daddy Daughter Gear Geekery

August 10th, 2015


I’ve been fussing with the cargo bike in anticipation of some family adventures – the stock Yuba Mundo is a great town bike – but we needed more cargo capacity – so I swapped the front fork for a Surly Big Dummy Fork, and mounted their Nice Rack so I could carry my old Ortlieb panniers on the front low rider mounts. The rack is wide – so we had a platform for other gear, and in the future will strap an Ice Mule cooler backpack there. Nothing goes completely according to plan – so I had to fabricate a small aluminum bracket to get the fork and the rack to play nicely – but after some hand fabrication everything went together nicely.




We needed a tent to fit 4 (for when Jen makes a trip with us) – but I didn’t want to get a car camping anchor. After plenty of reviews and research I settled on the Black Diamond Mega Light with the Mega Bug liner. This is a pyramid style tent, with 1 pole, room for 2 adults and 2 kids and gear, or 4 adults – and the outer tent can be used for winter camping or as a kitchen / tarp stand alone. Under 8 pounds for a family tent. And it packs reasonably small for what it is.


After Lina moved out of the pea-pod baby seat we had some concerns that she could fall off the bike (if she falls asleep, or we hit a rough spot on the road) – so I added the Yuba monkey bars. These work great… although they make towing Ava’s bike more difficult, and the bike is really tippy when the girls climb over the bars getting on and off. We made a little step out of some rope and random aluminum pipe we found at the hardware store to ease getting on and off.




In order to carry all our gear I acquired a second Go Getter bag… these bags are huge – go on and off easily, and can expand and contract to adjust to the load. We’ve been using them for around town. I have been using one as messenger bag when we shop or head into lunch or swim lessons.


Loading up I gave each girl 1 Ortlieb rear pannier that carried their clothes, swim suit, sleeping bag, rain coat, and sweater. We strapped their sleeping pad through the Ortlieb straps on top of the bag. We brought Lina’s life jacket that fit in her bag, and Ava’s bag held the common toiletry stuff of the girls – toothbrushes, soap, sunscreen, medicine, etc. And the Uno cards. Both girls brought their headlamps.


I used my Revelate Sweetroll for my sleeping bag, pad and clothes. This mounts to the handlebar. The pouch held things we might have needed on the bike – sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, some snacks, etc., as well as my personal items. On the front rack I had my Crazy Creek camp chair strapped, and my Quickshot folding tripod (never used it). On a longer trip we would have brought the IceMule cooler and strapped it here as well. In the Revelate Tangle bag I had my camp knife, pump, and a water bladder with hose strapped to a retractable line on the bars.


The big Yuba GoGetter bags on the back held tent, bug net, beach towels, blanket, food, small cooler, cook kit, bike kit (lock, tools, spares), and Nalgene canteen.

On the MonkeyBars I mounted each girl a Revelate Feed bag for their water bottles and snacks.

All in I think we had 440 pounds or more rolling down the road – dad + girls + bike + gear + food + water…