Pilings, Lake Champlain

Try something new. Fail. Repeat. First attempt at long exposure photography using stacked ND filters. This was an 8 minute exposure. I have a color edit but I think I like the black and white version (tweaked in Lightroom) better for this subject matter. Lots to learn, and I’ve learned a bunch this morning.


Spent a few days in Orlando presenting my workflow in SketchUp at the International Builders Show and was put up in the Cabana Bay Resort. 50’s – 60’s surf / beach themed ‘destination’ resort attached to Universal Studios. I snapped a few images on my last morning before my flight back to Vermont. Over baked, and not for me, but I appreciated the attention to detail down to the Zest bar soap and VO5 shampoo and conditioner in the shower.

Starlight and the morning sky
Bay Pavilion
Faux Brutalism (non)Diving Platform
Neon and the morning sky