Sunset, Frozen Tree

Good color, dynamic sky, I revisited the frozen tree with the girls last night. Practiced stitching multi image panorama images again… this time adding the challenge of changing light and moving clouds.

Portrait, Piling

Zoomed in with a longer lens, stitched 2 rows of 3 images each into this image – practicing making larger images for prints, as well as capturing the incredible detail in these pilings.

Sunset, Ice

Sunset, Ice, Lake Champlain

Landscape crop of a panorama image – first attempt at stitching bracketed shots – 3 rows (with much of the lower row cropped off), 6 images each row, 3 bracketed shots each image.


Mallard flew up to me and followed me around on foot and wing for a few minutes when I was out photographing the waterfront. Fearless.

Fearless Mallard