Franklin Follies

Enjoyed the day with the GMBC Touring group on the Franklin County Follies on Sunday, June 3. I opted for the long ride – and as I wasn’t feeling well from the start I suffered . My stomach and allergies were causing me trouble and I overheated heading up some 14% grades through beautiful country on the way to Fairfield. The ride from Fairfield to Enosburg Falls was fun – especially seeing the older gent (I assume he wasn’t with the group) on the Colnago in full kit, sans helmet, climbing away up Duffy Hill Road.

I seem to have missed the re-group in Enosburg Falls – I kept looking for the store called on the cue sheet but it seems everyone camped out in front of the falls for a break. After a few circles through town I settled on the Brooks Pharmacy for a snack and I was off into a stiff headwind. I fought the headwind for what felt like the entire way home – 118 was very windy and rolling – with some good climbs thrown in for fun. There were a few occasions where the wind coming through the valley bounced me around quite a bit – and I got discouraging comments from a few riders coming the other way ‘Glad we’re headed home with a tailwind!!’.

I was cooked by the time I got to Averys Gore WMA on 118 – most likely dehydrated and still unable to find anything that agreed with my stomach (and I didn’t notice how much sun I got until my wife commented on the goofy tan lines from my gloves). The climb through the gore was wonderful – I’ll have to get back to this area again – hopefully when there aren’t many clouds so I can take in the long views to Jay Peak.

109 was pleasant (sans wind) after I hit some long downhills as I rolled towards 108.