Sport Utility Vehicle

Trying to keep the cars parked as much as we can this summer – today I made a delivery of a dehumidifier to ReCycle North. Tucked under the cover is a ceiling fan that they wouldn’t accept – so I stopped at Local Motion (our local cycling and trail advocacy organization) on the way home and left it with Brian who ensured me he would put it to good use – or give it a good home. After lightening the load I made stops at the post office and the grocery store.

I’m experimenting with PowerGrips on the long distance machine, and have to admit that after the short ride today I have mixed feelings. It was a pleasure to wander around town in street shoes and still feel connected to the bike – but in getting things snug enough to pull through the pedal stroke I felt like I was mashing my toes… Kent loves them – he even did the Great Divide with them on his fixed gear – but I’m thinking I’ve got the adjustment off, I need to find stiffer shoes, or my feet just don’t like being compressed by the diagonal strap. (I seem to remember toe clips being more comfortable… but a pain to keep tightening.)

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