Portland, OR Part 1

I’m on the ground in Portland, OR for work. I am smitten with this bicycle friendly town – always have been actually, even before it became bicycle heaven USA – from my studying of its progressive planning and transit politics and policies. Todd over at CleverCycles arranged a Brompton for me to rent – which seems the perfect ride for a town with progressive urban transit options and some of the best bicycle infrastructure and advocacy in the country.

The Brompton is a very very cool machine. Here it is ready to ride, across the Willamette from the convention center. I’ve been out and about cruising along the waterfront a bit – and from Wednesday through Sunday I hope to commute to the Expo center for the work I’m doing here. I’m hoping to get a sense of the infrastructure, the mindset, and the general flow of the Portland cyclist – I’ll try for a few days to become one – rain and all.


This has made the round of the webs before – it is one of my favorite commercials that will never make it to the tele. (not that I could watch it anyway…)

If only patriotism looked like this. Errol Morris has done quite a bit of nice work.


Its cold and icy here, and we’ve been busy with our little one. She arrived 1.28.08. 7 lbs. 10 oz.

Pregnancy through labor and delivery were all incredibly difficult for our family, and Jen was incredible throughout. Simply the most demanding and amazing process I’ve been involved in.

Now, perhaps I can find the time and the mindset to get back on the bike. My body is in need of it – I matched Jen’s pregnancy gain pound for pound!