Fluffy Sunday ride. When the sun was out it was gorgeous. 1/2 of the Sunday crew took off on the XC skis – so we enjoyed the coffee at City Market and slopped and slid through town. I broke off to cruise the side streets in the neighborhood after a slog on the lakefront MUP. The Nokian 35’s did OK in the snow… wish I had a Pugs with really wide tires for the deep stuff. Battery on the camera went dead – maybe due to the cold + my lack of remembering to charge it – so no fluffy pics with blue sky.

The Surly on a fluffy afternoon.
The Surly on a fluffy afternoon.

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  1. Mike, I’m glad you and Patrick got out there. It’s a great tradition to continue through the winter (weather permitting).


  2. Hi Mike,

    One of our two cars died about a week and a half ago. This is encouraging some creative transportation and forcing me to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to wanting to move towards car-less living.

    I too am set up with Nokian 35’s and biked the roughly 7 miles yesterday morning to a weekend class. The temp was -5 and as long as I kept my face more or less covered it felt fine. Slightly sluggish, but fine. I biked back to town in the evening.

    Weather always heightens the adventure for me.

    Like you, I’d be curious about bigger rounder tires for the snow.




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