Acorn 2

Acorn Boxy Rando Bag
Acorn Boxy Rando Bag

My Acorn bags have arrived. Tonight I did a quick install of the Boxy Rando Bag on the IF. The bag is mounted up front on a Nitto Mark’s Rack. More pics and a review after I get some ride time in – and if I can find the time I’ll compare it to a friends’ Gilles Berthoud, a local shop’s Ostrich, and my Ortlieb. I’m still debating how to mount my eDeluxe. I was hoping for some sort of rack mount under the bag – might have to have something frabricated.

Boxy Rando Bag on Mark's Rack - with my new Nitto Noodles
Boxy Rando Bag on Mark's Rack - with my new Nitto Noodles

The saddle bag arrived as well… not exactly happy with how the leather straps mount to the Brooks saddle loops. The Acorn differs from my Carradice in that the buckles stay on the outside of the bag – so my initial install seemed a bit floppy. I’ll have to play with this – or have the bag modified to bring the buckles inside the bag.

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  1. That bag looks sharp in black. I’m very interested to hear what you have to say about the boxy rando bag. The Mark’s rack mounting is exactly what I was considering. Did you consider getting the other Acorn handlebar bag instead, the one that mounts directly the handlebars?

  2. I’ve only done a few short rides with it – so far so good. I’m probably going to pick up a VO decaleur – the chords to the bars work really well with a light load – but when it gets heavier it wobbles quite a bit.

    I have an Ortlieb that mounts on the bars. I did not consider anything that mounts to the bars – it keeps the center of gravity too high for my taste. This adds weight with the rack and larger bag – but takes the load down to the lowriders and the fork. Its especially important for me as I don’t have the geometry of a touring bike.

  3. I have an acorn rando bag on the way too. A question for you…I just bought a Trek 7.3 and it doesn’t have a drilled hole in the fork crown. Does the Mark’s rack require a drill hole? Thanks for your help.

  4. Not sure what you’ll be able to mount on that… the Mark’s Rack mounts to the brake bolt – so you’ll need the hole.

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