Cafe Grand Prix

First annual Cafe Grand Prix – ~60 miles, 3 cafes*, 3k of climbing. Tolerable paved sections, dirt, a bit of single track. Classic VT views. BTV to Richmond via Mountain View and Gov. Chittenden. On the Rise Bakery. Cochran’s to Stage Road. Up up up to Leary Rd. and Nashville Rd. A bit of a delay searching out a dead end – then to Plains Rd. And into Jericho for the Village Cup. Rt. 15 to Weed, 128 and Towers then back to the dirt on Lost Nation and the back way with a view to Colchester Pond. Return round the Bay and into town with a final stop at Viva Espresso.

*We skipped the last stop as our relaxed pace began to encroach on family time. The next version might have to turn into a century and include Red Hen Baking.

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  1. @apertome – thanks. good fun, and the route was broken up into nice bites between some good food.

    congrats on a successful move back to IN. looking forward to more good photography and riding writing.

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