First ride in 2 weeks. First decent ride since before the Thanksgiving holiday. Amazing how quickly fitness can slip away – but – I had a good time out today. We kept it mild – Jim and I explored the icy and snowy Intervale (sans studs!), and warmed up at a favorite coffee house. Temps were in the teens with wind chill dropping it below zero. I logged about ~22 miles just exploring around town.


I explored North Beach on the way home – very different experience riding on frozen sand from my last journey. I sat and listened to the waves and the ice / slush out of the wind and snapped some pics and let out a nice long sigh for a good day to finally get back on the bike. Back is mildly sore – I’m going to do my PT exercises this afternoon after my soup warms. I’m chilled – but not frozen. Time to start clawing my fitness back.




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  1. Ha. You and the skinny tires did well. Impressive to watch the powerdrift as I slugged it out behind you, trying to keep upright on the fatties. Was impressed with the log maneuver as well. 32s on the Gunnar? Impressive. Time to mount the studs, no?

    Excited as I’ve been putting off the cold weather riding, and have been holding out for daylight to get my snow and ice legs under me. Tomorrow AM I think I’ll be back at my ‘routine’ – assuming no ice overnight. My Nokian Extremes cannot arrive soon enough. (Tuesday, according to the UPS tracker!) Say hello to resistance training! 294 studs per tire! 2.1 inches of 29r to push around.

  2. Wait until we hit the ponds/lake. I have some left turn drift skills, not so hot going to my right, though. Nascar in my past life?

    Studs are going on this afternoon.

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