Got out for the first quality bike time in about 5 weeks. Met up with Wil @ City Market and we took a road / bike path / dirt road cruise to Shelburne Pond. I opted for the Pugs as conditions when I left were sketch, and I didn’t feel like the fixed gear with studs or trying 28s on the IF in the slop.

I bonked hard on our return leg. Pushing the Pugs on the road was easier than expected – but I also kept to the shoulder and stayed in the marginal snow / slop so Wil could have the good lines. At one point while I was struggling along he wondered why we were moving so slowly… until he pulled in behind me to enjoy the oatmeal / wet cement snow. Eventually I needed to even the playing field so I opted to get off the main road and take the bike path back to town. It was a pleasure on the Pugs. It was work on skinny tires. I cruised along (relatively) easily while Wil worked on his cross skills and cursed me a few times.