Seed starts are sprouting and growing. 360+ of peas, corn, beans, chard, watermelon, perennials, strawberries, and more. They are warm and cozy under artificial sunlight in our basement – as our garden is still under 6-8 inches of dirty frozen snow, with more to come – as we will be under a winter storm warning for Thursday and Friday. 6-12 inches of snow across northern Vermont overnight, more in the mountains. Sigh. The VT Champlain Valley 200k Brevet is April 9!

3 Replies to “Spring”

  1. Nice to see your starts starting!

    Maybe we could change the 200K to a bikejouring event and Old Spokes could rent sled dogs 🙂

  2. jah! about the only way i’ll ever finish in the fast group would be bikejoring on the pugs with maya as my lead dog! Hope it all blows out by Sunday morning for our little ride. And hope nothing blows in for next week!

  3. Looking like 3-8 now by the lake. Which will hopefully translate to 1inch of slush. Good blog and some nice looking seedlings.

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