B17, after some surgery. Trimmed to have a similar nose shape as my Brooks Swallow, and tied underneath with the left over long sides. The B17 has been comfortable for my ADK double century rides, the Fleche, and countless fixed gear rides on dirt and in the woods. The Swallow has always been hit and miss on rides longer than 200k – especially with lots of dirt or rough pavement – so I’m thinking this might be the best of both worlds for brevet season.

I don’t yet have the courage to cut a Brooks Imperial / Selle Anatomica style slot out of the center… but by summer’s end I might.

2 Replies to “Chopped”

  1. Looks nice! I sometimes wish mY B17 was a bit narrower. Maybe this would be useful. I don’t use it anymore though because at some point it started to stain my clothes. Annoying.

  2. You are brave chopping up a Brooks…=-)

    @Apertome – what did you use to treat your Brooks? I’ve always used their Proofide and even during rains I’ve never had the colour stain my clothes.

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